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Lokset© Resin Cartridges


The most trusted brand in resin anchoring systems.

No reaction takes place until the roof or rock bolt is rotated through the cartridge, mixing the components and initiating the curing action. The chemical nature of the Lokset® cartridge allows the contents to be easily mixed, yet minimizes resin runout after mixing is complete. 

The mixed resin fills the annulus around the bolt. Standard “point” anchorages will be firmly interlocked with the substrate and bolt within minutes. 

The setting time of the resin components can be controlled. A combination of fast and slow-setting cartridges makes possible the simultaneous operation of anchoring, grouting and tensioning a rock bolt. The simplicity of this method of anchoring/grouting eliminates the need for cumbersome injection equipment.

Resin Usage Chart


Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining




Common Uses

Roof Bolting


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Safety Data Sheet

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