CarboCryl SV

CarboCryl SV is a hydrophilic, low viscosity cross-linked two component methacrylate gel used for grouting and ground stabilization.

CarboCryl SV is based on methacrylates and hardens to an elastic product. CarboCryl SV is characterized by its low mixing viscosity, which is similar to the viscosity of water. CarboCryl SV can be used for curtain grouting and ground stabilization.  

CarboCryl SV is not for use as a crack injection product, for that use CarboCryl HV. CarboCryl SV curing times can bed adjusted by varying the amount of B2, hardener, or alternatively B2L. 

CarboCryl SV does not contain any acryl amide.

Product Image
  • Adjustable curing speeds
  • High elasticity
  • Chemical resistance to most organic and inorganic liquids
Product Features
  • Excellent penetration capacity due to water like viscosity
  • Sealing of water inflows
  • Curtain grouting of soil and loose rocks
  • Stabilisation of sandy or silty soil