Terracem is a one component, finely-ground injection cement with a built-in dispersant used for grouting of fine sand and foundation consolidation.

Terracem grout is a one-component, ready-to-use injection cement. It is a sulfate-resisting very fine blended cement with an integral super- plasticizer, ground and classified to a low particle size grading (D98 less than 40 micron; D50 less than 7.5 micron).

Terracem injection cement is specifically designed to grout fine sands, consolidate foundations, seal off flowing water and establish grout curtains in dam construction and rehabilitation. Additional uses include grouting of tunnel and shaft linings, rehabilitation of existing tunnel structures, and waste site remediation.

Product Image
  • Sulfate and brine tolerant
  • Fine crack injection
  • Integral dispersant
Product Features
  • Rapid water dispersion and lowest viscosity
  • Integral dispersant, no external dispersants needed
  • Minimal bleed characteristics
  • Ideal for fine crack injection
  • Brine tolerant