GeoFoam is a highly-efficient, two-component urethane-silicate injection grout with low exothermic reaction temperature.

GeoFoam is flame-resistant easily cuttable by tunnel boring machines when cured and has a low exothermic temperature making it safer for installers to use and the environment.

It is designed for the immediate stabilization of unconsolidated geological formations during tunneling, drilling, mining and other civil engineering projects.

After mixing, the resin quickly starts foaming-up within seconds forming a strong lightweight foam. Common uses include structural support in tunnelling and for the lifting of roadways or slabs.

Product Image
Product Image
  • Low Exothermic Temperature
  • High Expansion Rate
  • WaterPermeable
Product Features
  • Extremely quick reaction, reduces installation times
  • Low consumption rate reduces costs make it an effective alternative to polyurethane foams
  • Injection against water-flow possible
  • Water permeable material
  • Installations are safer and more efficient