Sprayed membranes and coatings

Minova supplies a broad range of wet and dry sprayed products, which function as either structural or waterproofing membranes and coatings.

Spray applied waterproofing membranes

This innovative technology is increasingly popular for waterproofing in low water pressure environments. In 2013, ITAtech published guidance on the design, specification and application of spray applied waterproofing membranes. Since then, spray applied waterproofing has been used on many high-profile projects. The ability of the sprayed membrane to naturally bond to wall surfaces means that linings can be designed as composite structures which is ideal for use in combination with sprayed concrete. The bond prevents the migration of water that may occur with other traditional membranes.

Spray applied structural membranes

Thin Spray-on Liners (TSL) were originally developed in the mining industry to cope with rock burst. Minova engineered polymer modified cements are designed to provide fast-acting, highly ductile rock support and are ideal for immediate rock support in challenging ground conditions. Minova structural membranes are a high-performance alternative to conventionally sprayed concrete where fast-acting support is needed, small volumes are required, or space is limited. This makes Minova TSLs highly suitable for application behind the Front Support, in hard rock gripper TBMs, or in mining and tunnel repair projects.


Did you know?

Our TekCrete Fast was originally developed in conjunction with the University of Kentucky and U.S. Homeland Security to aid the work of the first responders and allow them to enter shock-damaged buildings. The result was a sprayable, super-fast setting and hardening structural shotcrete.

  • Sprayable
  • High strength
  • Versatile