Tekstem Fast

Tekstem Fast was developed in response to the need from the seismic surveying industry, for a superior stemming material.

Tekstem Fast is a patented high-water content, one component cementitious grout used as a stemming material for your seismic surveying projects.



Product Features:


  • Very high success rate in reducing blowouts, compared to traditional stemming techniques
  • Can be effectively used in water-filled holes
  • Non-brittle, non-shrinking, free-flowing grout - guarantees excellent borehole wall contact and reduction of blowouts
  • Fast curing adds to security of explosives
  • Controls energy to uplift quality of data and accuracy of seismic imaging
  • Greatly reduces reclamation costs resulting from "blow-outs"


For application specific technical recommendation, or more product information, please contact Customer Services at +1(800)626-2948 or email customer.salesupport@minovaglobal.com.

  • Prevents blow-outs & secures your explosives
  • Improves data accuracy
  • Reduces project costs