Tekcrete™ Pro 1500

Tekcrete™ Pro 1500 is a specially formulated blend of special cements, additives and carefully graded aggregates which when mixed with water results in a fast hardening, high strength, 8500 psi, high build, dense, low absorption gunite.

Tekcrete™ Pro 1500 is ideal for large vertical and overhead structural repairs where a rapid hardening product is needed.

Supplied as a ready to use dry powder, formulated for dry mix shotcrete requiring only the addition of water.

The controlled set feature allows 10-15 mins of working time for troweling if needed. Very high early and ultimate compressive strengths are achievable. Each 60 lb bag of TekCrete Pro 1500 contains approximately 0.45 cubic feet of material.

Product Image
  • Very high early strength
  • Excellent bonding and adhesion
  • Minimal shrinkage
Product Features
  • Very high early strength - Faster turnaround
  • High build - allowing a large thickness to be sprayed in a single pass
  • Low shrinkage - minimizes shrinkage cracks and internal stresses at the bond surface
  • Low rebound - minimizes waste
  • Workable- the controlled set feature allows 10-15 minutes of open time to allow trowel finishing
  • Chloride free - composition allows the development of high early strength without the use of chlorides
  • Reliability - factory quality controlled materials proportioning, mixing and packaging ensures consistency bag after bag
  • Fiber reinforced- synthetic fibers to further reduce cracking potential
  • Relatively fine aggregate- carefully graded to allow easier finishing and thinner layers
  • Excellent bonding to concrete- helps ensure a durable long lasting repair