TekPak P

TekPak P is a patented pumpable crib material used in coal and hard rock mining.

TekPak P is a patented pumpable crib material having substantial benefits in terms of roof control, speed and ease of installation. TekPak P has a high early strength allowing the crib to resist bed separation and convergence. The fully cured strength is substantial with over 150 tons of load bearing capacity.


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  • Cost effective
  • High strength
  • Very fast application
  • Consistent performance - compared to timber cribs
  • High strength - yet yields under control to ground pressure
  • High yield – a pack of 92% by volume water, reducing the material requirement
  • Long distance pumping – from over 12,000 feet through low cost small diameter pipe, thus easing transport and enabling more than one site to be serviced from a single pumping station
  • Long pumping life – reduces flushing out and giving material savings and time saving with the added advantages of longer pumping distances and reduction in the probability of blockages due to equipment failure
  • Simplicity of use – a symmetrical two component system utilizing basic equipment
  • Superior suspension agents – allows the slurries to stay in the batch mixers longer which improves efficiency and reduces waste