The IN-ROOF™ Cable Truss System is a flexible support system that can be installed in-cycle much faster and easier than existing truss supports.

Uncompromising Strength

Our research indicates that the design capacity of the IN-ROOF system should be limited to the ultimate strength of the cable being used (30 tons).

Simplicity - Only Three Basic Components

  • IN-ROOF bracket/bolt assembly
  • Cable tie rods
  • Cable coupler
  • Integrated cable wedges in the coupler
Product Image
  • Simplicity - Only Three Basic Components
  • Maximizes Safety
  • Uncompromising Strength
Product Features
  • Roof tensile zones are placed in compression
  • Mine roof stability is increased
  • Decreased roof falls
  • Roof bolt and IN-ROOF bracket are combined and shipped as a single unit
  • Roof bolt/bracket and bearing plate to be spun as a unit during resin mixing
  • Installed in-cycle within protective confines of bolter
  • Maximum Clearance Final assembly extends a maximum of 2-1/2” from the roof line.
  • IN-ROOF® Bracket
  • Angle of bracket enables proper anchor bolt angle of installation