Minova’s Tektrench is a pumpable two-component, expandable polyurea silicate grout used to construct pillows and breakers that support oil & gas or utility pipelines.

The speed of installation reduces downtime and improves pipeline installation productivity.

The product is water permeable and has superior adhesion characteristics making it an excellent choice to slow the ingress of water in trenches.

Tektrench eliminates the need to manually handle and place heavy sandbags replacing it with a simple pumped-in-place installation method.

Worker injury risks are mitigated and safety is improved as workers no longer need to be in confined trench spaces placing sandbags.

Field operational efficiency is also improved, and material consumption rates reduced all the while requiring less manpower.

Costs and environmental impact are lowered by not having to ship numerous truckloads of sand to remote locations, thus lowering overall project carbon footprint when compared to traditional sandbag installations.

Tektrench from Minova is the first self-expanding foam specifically designed for the pipeline industry. Tektrench is a structural foam used in the application of pillows and breakers for all trenching projects.

Applied from outside the trench, Tektrench is more efficient than placing sandbags. Unlike polyurethane foams, Tektrench reacts at a much lower temperature. The lower temperature reduces environmental risks associated with excessively high temperatures leading to self-ignition.

The lower temperature of Tektrench will not degrade the quality or effectiveness of the pipes outer coating.

With consistent expansion ratios, Tektrench significantly reduces overall project material consumption and transport costs. It also supports cathodic protection, further extending pipeline life expectancy.

Let Tektrench improve your pipeline project efficiency and lifespan.

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  • Supports cathodic protection
  • Fire resistant
  • Low exothermic reaction temperature
  • Cost effective alternative to polyurethane foams or sandbag installations
  • Supports cathodic protection, extending pipeline life expectancy
  • Installations are safer and more efficient
  • Low exothermic reaction temperature
  • Fire-resistant, water-permeable material
  • Superior adhesion reduces risk of washout
  • Installations support large scale projects
  • Minova offers multiple pump options