TekFlex® Dry Spray

TekFlex® Dry Spray coating, was developed in response to customer demand for a premium strata support membrane.

With Minova quality, TekFlex® Dry Spray is a cement-based spray material designed with superb flexibility, high tensile strength and excellent adhesive qualities.

The product enhances the structural integrity of the rock and forms an impervious barrier, which eliminates the degrading effects of weathering.

TekFlex Dry Spray is an all powder version requiring only the addition of water.

Material coverage at a thickness of 1/6” is theoretically 50 ft2. Actual coverage will likely be less due to surface roughness or inconsistency.

Product Image
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Superior flexibility
  • High tensile strength
Product Features
  • Easy to Apply – All powder formulation is applied using simple dry-process shotcrete (gunite) equipment. TekFlex® Dry Spray is blown through the hose and then mixed with water at the spray nozzle making for a simple easy to clean-up one step application
  • Remote Application – Ability to be blown several hundred yards if necessary, allowing more convenient location of spray equipment
  • Easy Clean Up – No materials waste. Only the spray nozzle requires minimal clean up
  • Tough – Ability to stretch, excellent tensile characteristics assure coating integrity even after strata deformation
  • Excellent Adhesion – Special formulation enables superb adhesion to the rock, assuring a long-lasting coating
  • Non-Flammable – No unusual storage or ventilation requirements, equipment clean-up procedures or waste disposal
  • Fast to Set – Effective support sooner