Two component, sodium silicate-based chemical grout system.

Terraset® grout is a low-viscosity, chemical grout system used for ground consolidation and stabilization of foundations and footings located on fine to medium sands. Other important uses include control of water inflow into shafts and tunnels during excavation, pre-grouting of TBM/EPBM tunnel headings, formation of impervious  grout curtains to contain pollution by hazardous waste, and cut-off  walls into alluvial deposits at dam sites.

The Terraset® System is a completely water soluble process consisting of two components:

  • Terraset® Component A - Sodium Silicate Grout
  • Terraset® Component B - Hardener

On a volume basis, the amount of Terraset® Component B - hardener needs to range from 10% to 15% based on the sodium silicate concentration. The higher hardener concentration gives the most durable gels. Gel time of the mixed grout solution is approximately 12 minutes at 70°F. The resulting gels are homogeneous, dense and well structured.

Product Image
  • Adaptable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Very low viscosity
  • Mix concentrations allow project-specific formulation; low viscosity enables maximum strata penetration, minimal product waste.
  • Unaffected by acids, alkalis, salts and hydrocarbons; resistant to fungi, bacteria and hydrocarbons.
  • 2 to 5 cps enables maximum permeation into fine sands and fine cracks.