The TekCrib concept is a non-combustible, simple and innovative supplementary roof support system requiring minimal installation time.

Cylindrical bags, 27” or 30” diameter, are secured to the mine roof and are subsequently filled with a foamed cement.

The installation of the TekCrib system is accomplished by using the Minova TekPlacer unit, specially designed to combine the TekCrib powder with air and water, producing a cementitious foam.

The foam is typically pumped a distance of 1,000 ft., although much longer distances are possible, especially when pumping down surface boreholes. The mix begins to gel within minutes of discharge and cures to a final strength, ranging from approximately 400-800 psi.

Product Image
  • Safe
  • Speed of Application
  • High Strength
Product Features
  • Safety – Offers less exposure time in questionable situations and areas; less heavy work involved
  • Ease of Use – Ideal for difficult to reach areas; material handling is substantially reduced and the fewest possible man hours are required
  • Simple – Crib bags are secured to the mine roof using “pogo” sticks, powder actuated fasteners, spads, tie wire then pumped full between the roof and floor
  • Full Surface Contact – Conforms to irregularities on the roof and floor and is not affected by point loading forces (unlike wood and fiber cribs)
  • Installation Speed – Field and test data correspond to show an average installation rate of roughly (15) cribs per hour (30” dia. x 6’ height)
  • High Strength – Typical peak strength is 150 tons with similar residual strength; good yield typically at least 16” of convergence is achieved
  • Variable Strength – Available compressive strength ranges from approximately 400-800 psi
  • Customized Strengths – Contact Minova for information on achieving other strengths