Injection Resins

​​​We offer injectable chemicals that provide a wide range of setting speeds, strengths and internal structures.

From ultra-foaming to high strength and fast setting, our injection resins anchor, consolidate and control gases, water and strata in all types of ground conditions for mining and construction projects. Minova's injection resins consolidate fractured strata and prevent the ingress of water.

Minova's injection resins range include polyurethane (PUR), silicate and phenolic-based systems.

Our PUR products can be injected under high pressures and have a long history in preventing water ingress.

Our resin products are used where time is of the essence, allowing you to speed up the traditional 24-hour curing period that cementitious grouting systems require.

Our pumpable resin, CarboThix is used with our Self Drilling Bolts to form our One Step Bolting System. The immediate bonding of the resin makes it possible to load the bolts without leaving the borehole, making the bolting process safer, significantly quicker and more efficient.

  • Fast-setting
  • Reliable
  • Flexible