Self Drilling System

Our Self Drilling System provides you with the highest quality and support where you need it the most.

Our know-how is the result of over 40 years of experience in the production and global supply.

The system features a hollow bar, which is used as a drill string for drilling either with water flush, air flush or cement grout flush.

All system components are rigorously tested according to stringent factory standards and ISO 9001 to ensure that the specifications are met. The sacrificial drill bit significantly enhances the productivity of the installation process. In order to improve performance and cost-effectiveness, project data are being collected from around the world.

Continuous optimisation of our drill bits is a primary concern to further improve the penetration rate and bit quality while at the same time reducing manufacturing costs. For improved corrosion resistance, Self Drilling Anchor components are either hot dip galvanised or fitted with a TwinCoat coating (hot-dip galvanisation with an additional dual epoxy coating).

Product Image
Product Image
  • Easy installation
  • Innovative and reliable performance
  • Ideal for weak, unstable or cracked ground conditions
Product Features
  • Cost-effective reinforcement solution
  • High strength
  • High quality
  • Complete system

Product Options
  • Self Drilling Soil and Rock Nails
  • Self Drilling Micropiles
  • SDA Accessories