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Mining Coal

Minova is a global innovator of high performance ground support products for the coal mining industry. We provide tailored solutions that include resin capsules, anchoring and high volume grouts, injection chemicals, ventilation services, steel and fibreglass products. 


Mining Hard Rock

Minova help support underground hard rock mines across the primary commodities with premium solutions that include safe and optimal ore recovery, support with cavity and void filling, ground control, provisions for managing water ingress and air control. 

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+ 15 years experience supplying pumpable crib technology.

Surface to Seam Ground Support

We are the original developers of the technology for dual component long distance pumping, grouting and liquid cement systems. Our surface to seam ground support solutions include pumpable cribs, ventilation seals and injecting chemicals from the surface.

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Lokset® Resin Capsules

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Anchoring Cement Grouts

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High Volume Grouts

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Injection Chemicals

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Sprayed Cements

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Steel and Fiberglass products

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Ventilation Control Devices

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"Minova has a great passion for innovation. I'm so impressed by their work making mining safer and more efficient"

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Mining One (Mining & Geotechnical Consultants)

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Our mission is to protect lives by providing products and services that prevent ground collapse and stabilise or repair structures.

Minova is wholly owned by Orica Limited.

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