High-capacity cable bolting system to support and control large underground movements.

Minova’s Cable Bolts are designed to perform in broken and unstable ground as well as in highly stressed ground as primary or secondary roof support. Cable Bolts incorporate much higher strength than traditional bolts with incomparable flexibility and elongation to adjust to the movement of the earth’s strata.

Cable Bolts are applicable where standard ground support is marginal or inadequate. Common application areas include development headings, ore recovery zones and draw points, sidewalls, floors, and other mine areas where additional support is desired.

Minova leads the way with cable and grouting systems, based on your mining equipment and site-specific conditions, to rapidly install cable bolt systems.

Product Image
  • 2 sizes available
  • Bright or galvanized
  • Passive or post-tensioned
Product Features
  • Used with CarboThix resin
  • Installed with Grout or Breather Tube