Minova Double Lok Bolts are state-of-the-art for anchorage and speed.

They boast the dual benefit of providing more control at a lower cost. 

The Double Lok Bolt does not require any special tools or installation techniques. Instead, when used with the proper Minova resin, the Double Lok Bolt expansion shell sets the initial anchorage and allows the resin to cure while the roof is in a state of compression. 

Additional anchorage for this system takes place along the interface of the bolt shaft, resin, and borehole wall. The “combination anchorage” of the expansion shell and resin has proven very successful for adverse ground conditions. 

Product Image
  • Two point method of anchorage
  • Immediate bolt tensioning
  • No special tools required
Product Features
  • Used in adverse ground conditions
  • Provides deep excavation support
  • Provides roof and wall support
  • Used for rock bolting
  • Used for slope stabilization
  • Used for soil nailing