Cable Sling Truss Systems are available in 0.6” and 0.7” in a two- or three-piece system with the appropriate connector units, based upon each customer’s requirements.

The new cable connector system eliminates the waste created when separate barrel and wedge units are provided.

This unique design incorporates the wedges and helps keep them “clean” for maximum installation loads. The cable connector can be loaded to the cable tensile strength without shearing the strand. Our research indicates that the design capacity of the CSS should be limited to the ultimate strength of the cable being used, approximately 30 or 40 tons.

Product Image
  • High ultimate strength
  • Waste elimination
  • Unique design
Product Features
  • Compatible with Minova resin capsules

Two and three-piece units are available in lengths to meet each customer’s requirements.
  • 0.6” Gr270K (Material) - Bright, Galvanized (Strand) - 1”, 1-3/8” (Borehole) - 6” x 16” Gr2 (Plate)
  • 0.7” Gr270K (Material) - Bright, Galvanized (Strand) - 1”, 1-3/8” (Borehole) - 6” x 16” Gr2(Plate)