CarboPur WFA

CarboPur WFA is an extremely fast reacting, dual-component, polyurethane injection resin for permanent consolidation and sealing of strata even in damp, water-bearing strata.

CarboPur WFA was developed for application in mining, tunnelling, civil engineering and reconstruction of buildings.

CarboPur WFA is used for:

  • Consolidation in dry,wet and water-bearing strata
  • Sealing against strong water ingress (also seawater)
  • Sealing against water under pressure e.g. from strata, dams or shaft walls
  • Stabilization and sealing work in tunnels
  • Repair of old shafts and tunnels
  • Stabilization of crown abutments in tunnelling
  • Sealing of anchoring of sheet pilings etc. in ground water and many other special applications
Product Image
  • Consolidation in wet or water bearing strata
  • Extremely fast setting
  • Sealing against water under pressure
Product Features
  • Consolidation - in wet and water-bearing strata
  • Stabilization - sealing work in tunnels; crown abutments in tunnelling
  • Repair - old shafts and tunnels
  • Anchoring - sheet pilings, etc. in ground water
  • Sealing - water under pressure; against strong water ingress, also seawater; from strata, dams or shaft walls