Slope stabilisation

Options include injection resin, SDA (Self Drilling Anchor) and bolting/nailing systems which combine meshes and shotcrete, permanent or temporary.

Supported Products

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Dynamic® Bolts

Minova is an authorised distributor of Australian mining industry renowned Garford™ Bolts. Garford™ have designed and manufactured Dynamic® bolts for Australian mining applications since 2005.


The FiReP® HIPREX FRP high pressure injection and bolting system is a new development of a FRP high torque tube, valves and integrated packer for use in stabilising fractured rock and mineral by combining resin injecting and bolting.

Friction Bolts Plate

High-strength black or galvanized steel plate, designed for use in conjunction with typical bolting materials.

Minova Self Drilling Systems

Minova offers a wide range of high-performance ground support and consolidation products and services as well as an extensive range of geotechnical solutions for applications in ground engineering, tunneling, mining and rehabilitation.

Powermesh FiReP® FRP Mesh

FiReP® FRP Powermesh was developed to comply with standard grid applications while providing the added benefits of durability or cuttability.

Powerthread FiReP® Rockbolt System

The FiReP® Powerthread FRP Rockbolt was developed for strata support in mining and tunnelling as well as for slope and face stabilisation.

Silent Seal®

Minova is an approved and exclusive Australian supplier of Silent Seal,™ a multi purpose two-component expanding resin foam for rapid sealing applications.

TSL Combo Pump for Thin Spray Liners

A continuous mix and pumping unit electric or air driven for the application of Minova's range of Thin Spray Liners (TSL's) and bagged pumpable grouts.