Deliver grout and chemical products from the surface to underground. Depending on the product our delivery system can deliver grout based products from the surface to underground via a borehole or portal, taking around 15 minutes to fill a pumpable crib. Chemicals can be pumped using a variety of pumping methods and can be pumped up to 3,000 m from the surface. 

Our surface to seam solutions include:

Pumpable cribs
Ventilation seals
Strata Injection Chemicals


Key benefits:

• Reduce chemical exposure and manual handling of chemicals
• Reduces the need for "exclusion zones"
• Maximise safety, increase efficiency and minimise labour footprint
• Pumping from the service can eliminate up to 95% of underground activity
• Easy to set-up and relocate
• Install ventilation seals and pumpable cribs using the same equipment


Minova have successfully completed a range of surface to seam applications:

• Pumpable cribs installed in under 15 mins
• Complete ventilation plug seal (from the surface) in 4-6 hours. Rated 120psi, pumped 160m deep down a borehole and 700m horizontally to complete 6 bulkheads


Did you know?

We are the original developers of the technology for dual component long distance pumping, grouting and liquid cement systems. 


  • Global experience
  • Easy to set-up and relocate
  • Minimise labour footprint