Improvements in longwall relocation efficiencies and step changes in operator safety are necessary for modern longwall mines to continue operating. The use of Pre-Driven Recovery Roadways (PDRR’s) has increased in recent years as a method of achieving these aims.

In partnership with our customers, Minova has introduced to the coal mining industry a completely cuttable PDRR false pillar solution. Using our versatile product range and experience, we have developed a cuttable formwork which is then filled with our industry recognised FB200 high yield grout. The unique design of our formwork allows our customers to optimise their PDRR pillar design immediately depending on their changing geological conditions.

Our cuttable pillars are a proven method for increasing longwall relocation efficiency as well as increasing the safety of your workforce. Minova’s systems have assisted in improving our customers relocation efficiencies by 50% to 80%.

When a mine selects a bulk fly ash/cement mix to backfill a PDRR instead of using the false pillar method, Minova has the products and experience to design and construct rated shutters and bulkheads to contain the backfill.

Our wide range of products, experience and methods allows us to provide PDRR solutions to achieve the best outcome for your mine.

  • Industry Proven
  • Increased Safety
  • Improved Efficiencies