M180 Road Rehabilitation

Metrail 180 Case Study

M180 Road Rehabilitation

Location: United Kingdom

Minova’s resin experts supported Metrail Construction Limited alongside Otto Alte-Teigeler GmbH (OAT) to provide an innovative, cost-effective and time-efficient solution for National Highways England.

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M180 Road Rehabilitation


National Highway’s Area 12, including the M180, in Yorkshire contains a number of heavily utilised sections of concrete carriageways which need enhanced maintenance including stabilisation, levelling and replacement of existing concrete slabs. Heavy traffic flows, water ingress and uneven settlement have created voids under sections of the concrete pavement making the carriageway unstable, leading to failures.


Minova’s resin experts made sure that a full stock of the correct resin components was available throughout the contract programme to reduce any risk of the project being delayed. The resin, which has a density 1.4 times that of water, can force any excess water out from under the slab, unlike traditional cementitious products that are mixed with water.


The resin is a two-component silicate resin which cures to 90% full strength within 15 minutes, meaning that the road can be open to traffic 15 minutes after application. Full compressive strength of c.50n/mm2 is achieved within the hour.

The product was developed to have relatively high strength but still with sufficient elasticity to absorb vibration and be crack-resistant under load. The resin has a long product life (up to 30 years), good adhesion to the upper concrete slab, and excellent penetration and void filling capability.


This product is designed to survive under the road surface, whilst subject to unbalanced loads, combinations of pressure, tension and shear, and the dynamic effects of traffic, for much longer than brittle cement-based systems.


The work, which commenced in October 2021 and was completed at the end February 2022, is expected to reduce the frequency of roadworks along this busy section, which is used by around 16,000 vehicles a day.


Measurements taken before and after each stabilisation shift using a Falling Weight De-flectometer to record the effectiveness of the process suggest the pavement response has significantly improved after the treatment. The collected deflections for pavement evaluation purposes based on CD 227 mean that the overall stretch of pavement could be classified as Class A.


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Metrail 180 Case Study