UniPass Bolting


UniPass bolting technology combines leading-edge and high-quality, high-strength products to make rock bolting safer, faster and more efficient.


► Next Generation Bolting
UniPass bolting combines our static, yielding and dynamic hollow bolts and Carbothix bulk resins to provide an all-in-one bolting system that has been engineered to suit the most demanding requirements of underground mining. The immediate bonding of the resin makes it possible to load the bolts without leaving the borehole, dramatically increasing bolting speed and worker safety.

► Installation Flexibility
The UniPass system can be installed in a one step operation by using our self-drilling bolts. The system can also be installed in pre-drilled holes (two step process). UniPass is adaptable to varying ambient temperatures, humidity and ground conditions.

► Automating Mines
The UniPass bolting system has been designed with semi- or full- automation of ground support installation in mind.


  • Tested and Proven
  • Improved safety & productivity
  • One Integrated Supplier