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There are times, where you need to think outside of the box and develop a solution to a nearly insolvable problem. We have the right products and expertise to help you when you need us the most. We take great pride in providing customers with peace of mind, supported by a relentless attention to safety, cutting-edge performance, productivity improvements and dedication to sustainability.

Case picture

Maximising ore reserves and improving extraction outcomes

Location: Bentley Mine, Jaguar Operations, WA

Round Oak approached Minova to assist with a solution that could maximise the ore recovery of stopes at their Bentley Underground Mine. The scope of the project was to optimise extraction of a zone of unconsolidated rockfill. 

We supplied technical advice, product, specialised equipment and operations capability to support Round Oak during this consolidation program.

FB200 grout was selected for its unique rapid gel times, quick strength, low viscosity and high water content, allowing for controlled placement through carefully designed borehole patterns to gain maximum penetration of the unconsolidated rockfill.

Tekseal, another high yield grout, was used to create grout curtains to control the placement of the FB200 within the rockfill.

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