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Yellowboy Water Pipe Additive and Cleaner


Yellowboy pipe additive/cleaner was developed in response to customer demand for a simple, cost-effective means of cleaning pump discharge lines of iron contaminants. Once added to water, the liquid reagent starts to work immediately. As the pump draws the reagent into the contaminated pipe, the iron build-up is loosened and begins to break up. Evidence of the reagent’s cleaning power is seen as chunks of material appear at the discharge end of the line. Yellowboy additive is environmentally safe when used as directed. 

Consult your local Minova representative for additional application information.


  • Simple – Yellowboy additive is simply added to the suction side of the pump 
  • Minimal Labor – Can eliminate the need to change out discharge lines 
  • Fast – Results are visible within minutes 
  • Safety – Safe for equipment and people when used with basic precautions

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining



Common Uses

Pipe Additive and Cleaner


Technical Data Sheet

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