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U-Bolt Hybrid Truss System


Truss systems have evolved and currently many systems incorporate high strength cables as a key component to add flexibility and capacity. One such system is the Minova U-Bolt Hybrid Truss System.


  • Truss bolts made from 7/8” Grade 75 material 
  • Cross-members made from 0.6” (270K) low relaxation, 7-strand cable 
  • Nominal strength of 30 tons 
  • Hole diameters – 1”, 1-3/8”


A variety of truss anchors can be used 

  • Double Lok 
  • Tension Rebar 
  • Resin Bolt 

Two configurations of truss shoe assembly 

  • Cast shoe incorporates plate and U-bolt saddle 
  • 2-V angle block that can be used with various flat plates 

Cable cross-member for strength and flexibility 

Threaded U-bolts for re-tensioning without the need for hydraulic power


Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining


Common Uses



Technical Data Sheet

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