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TekTrench System

A Pumpable Self-Foaming Two-Component Grout

The TekTrench System improves project safety, speed, costs and impact to the environment while helping increase pipeline construction productivity. 


  • Safe, Low exothermic reaction temperature extends pipeline exposure without product degradation or risk of fire hazard to the surrounding environment
  • Cost effective alternative to polyurethane foams
  • Fire-resistant, Water permeable material
    • Class A Flame Spread Factor rating
  • Supports cathodic protection, extending pipeline life expectancy
  • Installations are safer and more efficient
    • Improves worker safety by exposing fewer laborers to working in trenches inherent to other installation methods, like manually placing sandbags and polyurethane placement
  • Installations support large scale projects
    • Product is available in 946L (250gal) Intermediate Bulk Containers or IBCs
  • Utilizes multiple pumping options, including a durable lightweight mobile pump that places the product from outside of the trench

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