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TekSeal LD

TekSeal LD


The Tekseal® LD system is a simple, innovative, and the most cost-effective permanent seal system for the mining industry. Formwork for the Tekseal® LD “plug” is constructed of timber cribs or posts, boards and brattice cloth. Alternatively, concrete blocks or steel prefabricated panels can be used. Supplied as a powder, the Tekseal® LD forms a low-density foam (0.6 to 0.8 specific gravity) when combined with a controlled amount of air and water in Minova’s specially designed placer unit. The 400psi compressive strength mixture begins to gel in minutes, forming a non-toxic, non-combustible product weighing approximately 1200 lbs/yd3. The lower causticity of the Tekseal® LD mix allows safer handling than with other standard cement products.


  • LD – Long distance pumping up to 4,000’ with high-pressure placer pump
  • Acid Mine Water Resistant – Determined as a result of months of MSHA testing in pH 3 water
  • Simple – Easy to install; eliminates the requirement for hitching into roof, ribs and floor
  • Proven – Thousands of installations have been constructed in the USA alone
  • Ease of Use – Ideal for difficult to reach areas and/or areas in need of major rehabilitation for conventional seals
  • Labor Saving – Requires the fewest possible man hours
  • Safety – Less exposure time in questionable areas; less heavy work involved
  • Yieldable – Yields with ground pressure to 60% of original height before brittle failure. A substantial improvement over conventional seals, Tekseal® LD mimics the stiffness of the adjacent ribs. This helps maintain even stresses, resulting in reduced fracturing of the ribs and minimizing air leakage through the surrounding strata
  • Reduced Cure Times – By controlled increases in the product density, cure times can be as low as 3 days
  • MSHA Approved – All sizes of roadway entry approved for both 50 psi & 120 psi dynamic blast pressures 
    • (See www.msha.gov for details)

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