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Sealing or Stopping: Gas or Liquids

CarboStop U

CarboStop U


  • Stopping of water ingress, also seawater, in cracks

  • Seals in tunnel construction

  • Consolidation of gravelly sand

  • Sealing of drill holes

    Application at ambient temperatures of between 0 °C and 40 °C.
    CarboStop U is approved according to the German ZTV-RISS regulations as a pre-seal for the sealing of concrete structures 

CarboStop U consists of modified isocyanates with softeners and additives.


CarboStop U cures by reaction with ambient water yielding a polyurethane/ polyurea foam. The expansion rate of the foam depends in the first place on the backpressure effected by the propagation of the resin into the structure to be sealed, i. e. wide cracks/gravel result in a high foaming factor, narrow cracks/ sand in a low expansion rate and high strength.

Final Product

CarboStop U stops water inflows and provides a temporary seal, which often is satisfactory for the sealing of excavation sites during the construction work.
CarboStop U also is used as a pre-seal for sealing work according to German ZTV-ING (Sealing and extendable joining of cracks in reinforced concrete). Following the injection of CarboStop U, CarboCrackSeal H is injected into the not fully cured foam. CarboStop U has been tested for groundwater compatibility according to the official guidelines of the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt). Only an insignificant disturbance of the groundwater quality has been found. 

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining


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