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Sealing or Stopping: Gas or Liquids

CarboPur WF

CarboPur WF


CarboPur WF, Component A is a mixture of various polyols and additives.
CarboPur, component B is a polyisocyanate.

The mixed resin penetrates the structure to be sealed. The water in the cracks and joints is displaced due to the
hydrophoby and the viscosity of the resin. Traces of water make the resin foam.

Final product:
When the final mix comes into contact with water, the resin foams up in different volumes. Thus the mechanical
properties varies accordingly. The cured resin is resistant against many acids, alkali and salt brines as well as organic
solvents (if in doubt consult Minova ).

  • CarboPur WF, as a sealing material is compatible with groundwater and drinking water
  • No toxic influences to the groundwater
  • In contact with a tunnel sealing band (EN 12 637-3) no significant changes can be detected

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining


Common Uses



Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet (Comp A)
Safety Data Sheet (Comp B)

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