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CarboCryl WV

CarboCryl WV


CarboCryl WV, is an aqueous methacrylate solution. CarboCryl Hv does not contain acryl amide nor its derivatives.

  • A1, aqueous methacrylate solution
  • A2, accelerator based on amines
  • B1, water
  • B2, peroxide salt, solid, that is soluble in water



  • Excellent penetration capacity due to water like viscosity
  • Adjustable curing speed
  • High elasticity
  • Chemical resistance vs. most organic, or inorganic liquids
  • Designed for use in:
    • Grouting curtains in soil,
    • Repair of dilation joints in conjunction with CarboCryl Plus, 
    • Sealing off of water leakage even when under high pressure
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