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CarboCryl HV

Carbocryl HV


CarboCryl Hv, A1, is an aqueous methacrylate solution. CarboCryl Hv does not contain acryl amide nor its derivatives.

  • A1, aqueous methacrylate solution
  • A2, accelerator based on amines
  • B1, water
  • B2, peroxide salt, solid, that is soluble in water


  • Well suited for crack injection repairs when paired with CarboCryl Plus, due to water like viscosity 
  • Adjustable curing speed
  • High elasticity
  • Chemical resistance vs. most organic, or inorganic liquids
  • Designed for use:
    •  in curtain grouting,
    • brickwork injection, 
    • as an effective horizontal barrier, or
    • to stabilize sandy or silty soil

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining


Common Uses



Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet (Comp B2)
Safety Data Sheet (Comp A1)
Safety Data Sheet (Comp A2)

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