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TekRok cement was developed in response to customer demand for a high-strength pumpable cement for underground construction projects. It was specifically designed for pumping through our placer unit. The placer meters and mixes the proper amounts of water and powder as it pumps the TekRok material. Fifty- four 50 pound bags of TekRok powder are used per cubic yard. 

The cured TekRok cement is non-shrinking and dries to a durable, off-white finish. The material has a pumping life of up to 30 minutes, and sets in 5 to 8 hours. TekRok cement is especially suited for small to medium sized construction projects, or for projects where the convenience of a pumpable cement is required. 

Consult your local Minova representative for additional application information.


  • Fast – Pumping rate of over four cubic yards an hour can be achieved 
  • Strong – Over 3,000 psi 
  • Convenient – Can be pumped over 150 feet through standard 2” mine spray hose; can be pumped directly into standing water 
  • Simple – Powder and water are automatically metered as they are mixed in the placer unit

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