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TekRok Pro 2500

TekRok Pro 2500


TekRok Pro 2500 is supplied as a ready to use dry powder requiring only the addition of water. The specially formulated blend of cements, additives and carefully graded aggregates develops high strengths extremely fast and requires only the addition of water and mixing.  It has a functional working pot life of 10–15 mins before it starts to react, thus reducing the amount of required to finish patch and repair projects.  Each 50lb bag of TekRok Pro 2500 contains approximately 0.4 cubic feet of material.


  • Very rapid hardening- open to vehicle traffic in one hour 
  • Low shrinkage- minimizes shrinkage cracks and internal stresses at the bond line. 
  • Non-Gypsum based- superior durability 
  • Easy application- just add water, mix and apply 
  • Freeze /thaw resistant 
  • Excellent resistance to chloride de-icing chemicals 
  • High density provides low permeability minimizing infiltration of water and chloride de-icing chemicals

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining


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