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Terracol System

Terracol System


 The Terracol System is a complete process consisting of two components: 

  • Terracol Part A Colloidal silica suspension in the form of nano-particles (55 gal drum – 550 lbs net). 
  • Terracol Part B Hardener (55 gal drum – 475 lbs net/ 5 gal pails – 40 lbs net). 

Both parts are completely water soluble. The amount of Terracol Part B hardener needed ranges from about 10:1 to 5:1 by weight depending on the desired gel time. As an example a 6.6:1 ratio results in an approximate 30 minute gel time at 70°F.


  • Adaptable – Gel time adjustable by varying proportions of hardener to allow project-specific formulation; low viscosity enables maximum strata penetration, minimal product waste. 
  • Safety – environmentally friendly material. 
  • Low viscosity – 5 to 10 cps enables maximum permeation into fine sands and fine cracks.

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining



Common Uses

General Grouting


Technical Data Sheet

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