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RD10 Dust Control

RD10 Dust Control


The control of dust, typically by the topical application of water, can be a costly and disruptive process – often effective for a limited time period. 

RD10 is a water soluble non hazardous emulsion that is specifically designed for: 

  • Soil stabilisation 
  • Soil solidification 
  • Erosion control – stock piles 
  • Suppression of dust 

RD10 is environmentally friendly and can be applied through either topical means or mixed in with the soil. 

The application of RD10 is completed by adding a percentage of the product to the water being used to control dust. Any water source can be used as the water is simply a carrier for the RD10 agent. Depending on the application various rates of RD10 can be used.


  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable 
  • Dries clear and odourless 
  • Is water resistant once cured (will not wash away) 
  • Non flammable and non toxic 
  • Non corrosive and non tracking or transferable (will not collect on vehicle tyres) 
  • UV and alkaline soil resistant 
  • Single product suitable for a variety of applications 
  • No unusual storage or ventilation requirements during application

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses

Dust Control


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