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GeoFlex HS

GeoFlex HS (High Strength)



GEOFLEX HS comp. A is a special sodium silicate with additives. 

GEOFLEX HS comp. B is a modified isocyanate. 


The curing of component A results in a silicate; simultaneously a solid polyisocyanurate/polyurea is formed from the component B. 


The mixture of these two components creates a tough, elastic, solid silicate resin (organic-mineral resin). Once the components have been thoroughly mixed, the viscous emulsion that results is immiscible with water and does not absorb any water (e. g. from the surrounding soil or rock strata). Due to its density, it tends to sink in water. 

Cured GEOFLEX HS is resistant against acids, alkali, salt solutions and many solvents.


  • Non-expanding, elastified dual-component silicate resin with high bond strength. 
  • Adhesive class: instantaneous 
  • For application in cracks of more than 0.24 mm width.

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining


Common Uses

Surface Bonding


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet (Comp A)
Safety Data Sheet (Comp B)

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