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Injectable/Pumpable, Products for Consolidation and Stabilization 

GeoFlex BB

GeoFlex BB (Ballast Bonding)


  • Consolidating loose material (ballast bonding)
  • Pavement stabilisation and protection against erosion
  • Solidifiying and stabilisation of the face-to-track transition
  • Strengthening of construction structures (e.g. gabions walls)
  • Strengthening of rock mass by grouting and other applications


  • Rapid curing gives very high final hardness of the resin in a very short time (approx‘ 30 min after application depending on temperature)
  • Excellent penetration depths due to low initial viscosity
  • Resistant to dynamic load
  • Very good adhesion in dry and wet conditions (up to 4 MPa)

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Common Uses

Aggregate Bonding


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet (Comp A)
Safety Data Sheet (Comp B)

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