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Celroc P

Celroc P


Celroc P is used to grout and rapidly consolidate highly fractured rock strata which would otherwise prevent the drilling of anchor bolt holes, or where water infiltration threatens foundation stability. The product can also be pumped overhead without grout loss by adjusting the water/cement ratio. 

Celroc P is ideal for stand-pipe installation and grouting steel in casings where speed and performance are essential. It may be tremied when underwater placement is required.


  • Minimum dilution in moving water 
  • Rapid setting - sets in 75 minutes 
  • High Strength - thixotropic 
  • 5000 psi (34.5 MPa) in compresson after 24 hours 
  • Non-shrink - controlled expansion 
  • No corrosive or gas-forming expansion additives

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining




Common Uses

Water Stopping


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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