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TekGrout® injection grout is a single-component, variable strength cementitious grout designed as an alternative to polyurethane systems. A wide flexibility with strengths and viscosities enables excellent strata penetration and gel times as low as 40 seconds. The material’s adhesive and interlocking characteristics collectively assure a solid bond. 

Consult your local Minova representative for additional application information.


  • Flexibility – Formulation allows project-specific mix; strengths up to 2,500 psi; variable viscosity enables maximum strata penetration, minimal product waste 
  • Adjustable Set Times – Set time can be varied from under a minute to several hours, depending on project requirements 
  • Non-Toxic – Assures worker safety and protection of the environment 
  • Non-Flammable – No unusual storage or ventilation requirements, equipment clean-up procedures or waste disposal 
  • Affordable – Significantly lower cost than polyurethane grouts

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining



Common Uses

Bolt Anchoring


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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