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Void FIlling Foams: High Volume, Moderate Strength (<10 MPa)




GeoFoam is a highly-efficient, two-component urethane-silicate injection grout with low exothermic reaction temperature that is designed for the immediate stabilization of unconsolidated geological formations during tunneling, drilling, mining and other civil engineering projects. It is flame-resistant, is easily cuttable by tunnel boring machines when cured and has a low exothermic temperature making it safer for installers to use and the environment.  

After mixing, the resin quickly starts foaming-up within seconds forming a strong lightweight foam. Common uses include structural support in tunneling and for the lifting of roadways or slabs. 


  • Extremely quick reaction times, reduces installation times
  • Low consumption rate reduces costs make it an effective alternative to polyurethane foams
    • 15:1 to 30:1 expansion rates possible
  • Injection against water-flow possible
  • Water permeable material
  • Installations are safer and more efficient
    • Fire-resistant, Grade A Flame-Spread Factor rating
    • Low exothermic reaction temperature reduces risk of fire hazard to the surrounding environment
  • Available in: 
    • 26L (6.8gal) Portable Containers (Jugs)
    • 946L (250gal) Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)
  • Can utilize multiple types of two-component pumping equipment, including Minova durable lightweight mobile pumps

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining




Common Uses

Cavity Fill

Structural Support


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet (Comp A)
Safety Data Sheet (Comp B)

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