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Crib/Void Filling Cements: High-Strength Filling (>10 MPa)




TekSet® mix is a single-component, cementitious grout designed as a fill for a bag placed between the top of a crib and the mine roof, or atop a specially designed post system. Depending on the water temperature, the material will set in approximately 10 to 15 minutes. The tedious routine of blocking and wedging supplemental roof support is replaced by a simpler, faster and more efficient means.


  • Full Contact – Conformity to roof irregularities allows for a uniformly distributed load, shown to improve performance by up to 100% 
  • Minimal Labor – Eliminates the tedious job of installing cap boards and wedges 
  • High Yield – One 50 lb bag yields roughly 2-1⁄4 ft
  • Easy Clean-Up – All equipment can be cleaned with ordinary water

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses

Crib fill


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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