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Tension Rebar Bolts

Tension Rebar Bolts


Minova Tension Rebar Bolts offer precise tension and significant cost savings. Where better beam building is needed, the Tension Rebar Bolt System has strength characteristics of 5, 10 and 15 tons.

Safe and Easy Installation

  1. Drill hole at proper diameter and depth
  2. Make depth 1” longer than the bolt
  3. Insert appropriate Minova resin cartridge
  4. Insert Tension Rebar Bolt and Bearing Plate to within 1/16” to 1/8” of roof line
  5. Rotate bolt to ensure complete mixing of resin
  6. Stop rotation
  7. Hold bolt in place for specified resin set time
  8. Torque bolt to pre-determined torque in accordance with approved roof control plan



Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining




Common Uses



Technical Data Sheet

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