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GFRP-Continuous Thread Bolts (POWERTHREAD)

GFRP-Continuous Thread Bolts (POWERTHREAD)


The GFRP POWERTHREAD Bolts continuous thread design allows the bolts to readily be trimmed as needed. The bolts have a high ultimate load and due to its profile offers a maximum bond strength with all grouting materials. The cutability protects machinery and equipment, thus preventing common damage to machinery while drifting and enlarging tunnels. 

The GFRP POWERTHREAD Bolt is highly corrosion resistant and is well suited for permanent support. The high flexibility is well suited for application without couplings in confined locations. Due to its high tensile strength the bolts have a high and immediate load bearing capacity if applied with fast setting resin capsules. Their light weight facilitates ease of material handling.

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Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining




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