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HyTec Bolts

HyTec Bolts


The HyTec Bolts unique anchorage system creates a reduced annulus and allows for high tension installations with dramatic reductions in resin requirements. 

The 1-1/4” OD tube is threaded onto the bolt and acts as a support for the expansion shell. When the bolt is inserted, the resin is compressed from the back of the hole past the expansion shell to mix and gel around the tube. As the resin hardens, the torsional relationship between the bolt and tube is relieved as the tube passes (actually strips off) the bottom thread of the bolt. 

Sturdy anchorage is maintained by the expansion shell and the tube. The tube length can vary from 6” to 24”, depending upon the diameter and grade of steel being used, assuring enough anchorage to develop the full strength of the bolt. Just 15 minutes after installation, the Minova HyTec Bolt System is ready for anchorage testing.

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Hard Rock Mining


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