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Dimple Plate

Dimple Plate


The Dimple Plate has engineered embossments on the outer edges to increase the bending strength. This keeps the plate against the roof to enhance support

and roof control. If additional strength is required in the center for stronger bolting systems, the plate has been designed to accommodate our Donut Plate Insert (DPI) washer.

The DPI can be used between the bolt and the Dimple Plate. The DPI strengthens the hole location where high loading and deformation occurs. This unique combination provides the required strength in critical areas, the center and edges. The system effectively reduces bolt pull-through and plate bending in heavy ground conditions.

Bearing plates are critical to any safe roof support system. Minova offers a high-performance, cost-effective Dimple Plate to complement our line of “matched load” systems. This proven concept ensures that all plates are designed to safely develop the load of the bolt without creating the hazards associated with under- or over-designed bearing plates.

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