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Self Drilling Anchor Bolts (SDAs or Hollow Bar)


The Minova Self Drilling Anchor (SDA) System can be used as Self Drilling Soil and Rock Nails (SRN) or as Self Drilling Micropiles (MIP). They offer unique reinforcement solutions for unstable ground conditions such as sand, gravel, silt, clay and light to medium fractured rock. For projects facing such ground conditions, Minova Self Drilling Systems provide the most efficient and effective reinforcement solution. 

The system features a hollow bar, which is used for drilling either with water flush, air flush or cement grout flush. The hollow bar is fitted with a left or right hand R-thread or T-thread for easy extension and connection to standard rock drilling equipment.

Main components: 

The Minova Self Drilling System consists of five basic components: 

  • One or more hollow bars 
  • One or more extension couplings to connect the hollow bars 
  • A plate 
  • A nut 
  • A sacrificial drill bit

Our range of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt Systems includes the following product lines:

CE Certified Systems (with Technical Approval) 

Soil and rock nails 

  • European Technical Assessment ETA-08/0277 


  • European Technical Assessment ETA-11/0134 

National Technical Approval 

  • Soil and rock nails 
  • National Technical Approval (Germany) for Temporary Soil and Rock Nails DlBt Z-34.713- 080277 

Value Systems (without Technical Approval) 

  • Systems with R-Thread (typically used as soil and rock nails) 
  • Systems with T-Thread (typically used for micropiles) 

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining


Common Uses



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