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Lokset Family of Products

For over 30 years Minova has lead the way in the development, manufacture and supply of resin capsules for rock bolting. LOKSET® resin capsules are renowned for consistent quality and performance, assured through a four-part quality control program. With state of the art technical and manufacturing facilities, we provide an extensive and flexible range of resin capsules that suit all types of bolting parameters including variations in equipment, environment and strata conditions.


Selection of the appropriate Lokset capsule brings operation efficiencies and productivity improvements across a wide variety of applications:

  • Full encapsulation with pre-tensioning utilising combination TOOSPEEDIEcapsules
  • Point anchor installation with fast set single speed Lokset resin capsules
  • Full encapsulation without pre-tensioning using slow set single speed Lokset capsules
  • Unique capsule configuration design enabling extremely effective mixing of resin mastic and catalyst compartments
  • Rapid insertion, easy and quick to use
  • High compressive strength, strong, rapid & consistent anchorage
  • High modulus
  • Protects bolt from corrosion, can be used in wet or underwater conditions
  • Unaffected by vibration
  • No expansion stresses, can be used in weak strata


The Lokset Resin Capsule is used primarily as an anchoring medium for rockbolts and cable bolts to provide roof (backs) and sidewall support to underground excavations. The capsule can be used with both Hydraulic and Pneumatic roof bolters. Other uses include:

  • Marine fixings above or below water
  • Ground anchors in rock
  • Fixtures to building structures
  • Pipe and cable support fixings
  • Crane and rail track fixing
  • Anchoring bolts for machinery


Minova’s range of resin capsule systems includes the following: